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Unlike Any Zombie Tale You’ve Ever Read Before!

The new post-apocalyptic zombie horror novel written by John L. Davis IV and Guy Cain is now live and ready for you to devour! Get your copy today or read for free with Kindle Unlimited. Click the cover to purchase yours now.

ToJ Kindle Cover

Eleven-year-old Matthew Cormier could only watch as the living dead killed his family. He can still hear their cries in his nightmares. With her dying words, his mother screamed at him to run.
He listened.
Three years later, Matthew has made a quiet life for himself living in an abandoned junkyard. He spends his time honing the skills that have helped to keep him alive, for now. Practicing with his bow, building traps and scavenging what he can from the dangerous world around him.
It’s been nearly a year since he’s seen another living person.
That’s all about to change.

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The American Revenant Movie is now live for all the world to view! Share it with your friends, spread it like the plague, worldwide!

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This prequel short story ties the American Revenant short film (soon-to-be-released) to the main series.
A young family, stranded in their home in small town America, must figure out a way to survive and escape, or they know they will die a gruesome death at the hands and teeth of the walking dead. This terrifying and emotional tale is a must read for those who are fans of the series, and a great place to start for new readers.

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Know where to run

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Knowing when to run is key, but having someplace to run to is just as important.  If you have to run but have no place to go then, well, the zombies just might eat your face.  Choose several places, some close others farther away.  Once you have the place you need to ensure that when you get to that place there will be supplies waiting for you.  Have that cache stashed.

Plan Multiple routes to your places of safety, both from home and work.  Make sure that each family or group member knows every route by heart.  Run drills at least twice a year, so that everyone knows each route.

Those are the most basic of basics when thinking about knowing where to run.